Did someone open a coffee house in my I-Tunes?

25 Mar

It is either feast or famine in the music department, and right now I am sitting in a banquet.  It all seems to conjure up images of a coffee house type genre that I already gravitate towards.  Some veers off that path, but regardless I would sit and drink coffee to any of these artists.  So with that being said, I hope you enjoy.  Here is what is spinning in my head and my iPhone as well…

The Civil Wars

Probably the most surprising part about this duo is that one half of them is Joy Williams.  Yeah, the 90’s Christian pop Joy Williams.  I call upgrade.  If you have the time, check them out when they sang Barton Hollow on the Jay Leno show.  It was a make or break chance for them.  The made!

He is We ::  My Forever

Simple, pure, angelic voice.  He is We greats a CD that is easy to listen to, and how it makes you feel brings you back.  New love, childhood crushes, emotions that aren’t always there in the day to day life.

Matt Wertz ::  Weight & WIngs

Matt Wertz is a long time favorite of mine and this CD continues to produce satisfaction for me.  His songs remind me of summer, driving, dating my wife, and less cares and worries.  How can that be wrong?

Mae ::  (e)vening

At least for the present time, this is Mae’s final album and also final installment in their Morning, Afternoon, Evening trilogy.  There is half of the Mae album that is driven by guitars and ear friendly rock.  The other half is a swan song/piano driven instrumental ballad that showcases a side of Mae that was less seen.

Josh Ritter ::  So Runs the World & The Animal Years

Bob Dylan.  That is what comes to mind with this artist.  He has a bit of a gruff voice, tells amazing stories, and sings with a raw honesty that compels a listener to come back.  Lantern is a personal favorite.

Aaron Gillespie

The names Underoath and The Almost don’t necessarily make me think of mainstream pop worship, but that is what he has produced.  There are some hits, but it is not all what you would expect from Aaron.  Which may be exactly what he would want to give you.

Mumford and Sons

Just back off.  I know I am, like, the last person on earth to commit to this album or even hear of it for that matter.  Folk meets Sufjian meets my face.  Eclectic and raw.  Love it.

Happy Listening and pour me a cup of coffee too.  What are you listening to right now.  Though not equivalent to scripture, music shapes me, my thoughts, and moods.


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One response to “Did someone open a coffee house in my I-Tunes?

  1. Luke Mundy

    March 26, 2011 at 1:45 am

    I’ve also been listening to The Civil Wars, Mumford And Sons, and the Mae album. All good stuff.

    The latest from Hillsong United–Aftermath–is also good.


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