I am a Hot Shot

27 Mar

Two months ago a coffee shop in town donated a professional grade espresso machine to The Well Community Church.  Though it is a fantastic machine, it is not enough to serve a church of 4000 people.  We decided to install it at the office and bring more of our meetings and fun back home.

As of about two weeks ago I earned my black apron and have become a “Hot Shot”, the name was coined by Jerrod Rumley.  I will let you figure out the double meaning.  I have gone through training and I am able to make drinks for myself and others.  The intent behind the training and the aprons is a few-fold:

1.  If you don’t know how to use the machine you will more than likely break it.  That one seems pretty simple.

2.  There is then a crew responsible for cleaning it and maintaining it.  My next cleaning day is Tuesday afternoon.

3. The third reason I like the best.  When a Hot Shot walks out of their office or cubicle with their apron on, that then means it is game on, and if someone wants a latte to bring their cup to the Weli Deli.  There is the idea of celebration and rallying community in our own office.  Our directional leader explained it like this…When the Jewish people would bring out the Talmud, which were the writings of Moses and oral non-law teachings of the Old Testament times, people would cheer, rally around, and it would bring people together.  Espresso is not equal to the Word of God, however, over coffee people will share life, celebrate, and know God more.  I find that I study more at the office, have more meetings at the office, and just enjoy people all the more.

There is a crew of us Hot Shots scheming something in the next week or two centered around the machine and the aprons.  Our desire is to be inclusive and make memories.  So if you are in need of some caffeine and want some time with our fantastic staff at the Well, come around the office during the week.  The machine cranks up about 8:30 and closes at 4:00 PM.  Donations are always encouraged but never as much as a $5 latte so I call it a bargin.

May we cheer time with other people and seek out God-honoring relationships.

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Posted by on March 27, 2011 in Coffee, First Rule Fun, Staff


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