First Rule is Fun.

14 Apr

I love where I work.  I say there are two types of people.  Those who work at The Well and those who will eventually work at The Well.  It is a pleasure to work among people who are authentically attempting to live out their faith on a daily basis, and share that with others in the hopes that they too will do the same.  That is probably what makes me most proud of The Well as a church and a movement of people.

Aside from that, there was a philosophy adopted long ago from a book entitled “Joy at Work” by Dennis W. Bakke.  It was the desire of the author to help others create an environment at work that would be enticing.  Though a paycheck is necessary to live, there has got to be more about the place that you go to work on a daily basis.  At some point, no matter how much you get paid, there has got to be something more.  In fact, many people that were asked would trade pay for a work environment that they not only can tollerate, but one they look forward to going into work everyday.  From that book, we have taken their #3 rule and made it our first rule.   The rule is, “attempt to create the most fun workplace in the history of the world.”

It has been shortened around our office to be repeated as, “first rule fun”.  That isn’t to say there aren’t times that we have to do hard work, or that if something is boring we don’t do it.  It is a desire of those we work with to hold onto the joy of the ministry that we are called to do.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and keep smiles and laughter in all we do.  It really is an honor to do what we do, and by holding onto the fun aspect, it reminds us that we truly do have the best job in the world.

A few years ago we were on a staff retreat and I tore my ACL.  Not living out the first rule of fun, I sat in a bed for three weeks on a CPM machine that moved my knee for me.  After that was done, I got my 6 weeks of physical therapy.  As one of my exercises, I had to sit on a swivel/rolly stool and pull and push my body around the room with my legs.  I thought I was getting pretty good at this, so I came back to the office and challenged some of my workmates to a chair race.  This is what followed.

Couple things.  This was during our lunch hour and it took all of two minutes, so know that though our first rule is fun, our second rule is to not waste time and our salary on things like this all the time.  There needs to be a healthy balance.  Secondly, Chris Berry did win, but he also got a quick jump off the line and the inside lane.  The four guys in the back didn’t stand a chance, there was quite a bottleneck.  That being said, hats off to Mr. Berry and the rest of the chair racing crew.  It was fun, and so is my job.

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