New Tune Tuesday :: May 3rd, 2011

03 May

With the benefit of living in Seattle and a shared love of songwriters Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelst formed the band Fleet Foxes.  They have a modern sound that takes you to genres that have only be coming back around in recent years of mainstream radio.  They are signed to Sub Pop Records, which have been responsible for such albums as Nirvana’s Bleach, Postal Service’s Give Up, and The Shin’s Wincing the Night Away.  Helplessness Blues may not be your style but for sure worth a listen.

While we are on the subject of my new favorite TV show, I thought I would mention a band called Elenowen.  They call themselves Folk/Pop.  They are a married couple that individually were working on singing careers and then brought their talent together.  Great music that has been available for a while at iTunes and different places.  Their vocals blend so well and bring about thoughts of The Civil Wars and Lady Antebellum.

Have a great Tuesday and enjoy the music that brings you joy.


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