New Tune Tuesday :: May 10th, 2011

10 May

“Back in my day kids, we listened to things like vinyl and 8 track.  We didn’t “download” music onto our fancy computers boxes.  We carried it around in cases and sleeves, and went to music stores.  And we sure didn’t have a mp-whatever number that is players.”  We have moved on, and music and technology has progressed.  I am fine with it.  I will get my music the same way everyone else does.  From other people’s iTunes libraries.

Every now and again music comes out that takes you back.  I am not saying that Bruce Springsteen is releasing another CD or the NKOTBSB3x9 to third power of love is making a come back.  New, current, fresh artists are pulling from their roots and making what was old,new.  With the rise in popularity of guys & gals like Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse, and Cee Lo Green using styles from the 50’s and beyond, we are fortunate enough to have a wave of music that is new, but you almost feel like you have heard it before.

Two years ago I saw Jason Mraz up north and a guy strolled out on stage with an electric guitar, and was backed by a full horn section and do-wop singers.  Raphael Saadiq opened up the show with an old school music party.  Live, he shakes his groove thing.  On his CD, Stone Rollin’, you hear the styles I mentioned and also swear you got a hold of some Al Green recordings.

it doesn’t have all that fancy Auto-tuning that the kids seem to love, but you won’t be sad…I promise.

And thanks for asking which CD I am most excited about being released…Andrew Belle’s The Ladder will be re-released with tons of extras.  Other people swore by him, and it took me a bit, but I love to love to love him.  Check out his stuff, he has lots of free downloads so you can make sure I am right. Which I am.


One response to “New Tune Tuesday :: May 10th, 2011

  1. analyfe

    May 11, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    I love Andrew Belle! The Ladder is such a great album. 🙂


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