New Tune Tuesday :: May 17th, 2011

17 May

Today’s post is one of a different jib, cut from a new cloth if you will.  Maybe it is my relaxed state mind since I am on vacation, but different none the less.

When I go looking for new music there are a few places I always check.  Reviews in my favorite magazines (different blog for a different day), iTunes, Target (the release week they always have the pop CDs on sale, and they have a “idie” rack that surprises me everyone now and again), and then I go to Noisetrade.  It is a web site that works off of free samples and generous tips from listeners.  It is up to the individual to decide how much to pay.  50% of the music that I mention on this blog comes from Noisetrade.  I would strongly encourage you to spend some time shopping there.  They not only have artists that you have heard of, but they have ones that you will be glad that you tried out as well.  Derek Webb, one of the founding members puts it best when he says, “A great record is its own best marketing tool.”  When I like something, I play the heck out of it, and tell others.  In addition, if you are a person of the musician type, you can submit your own record and get the word out that you are awesome…or at least that you think you are.  Sandra McCracken said that she got her record in the hands of more people with one Noisetrade release than all of her CD sales in her carrer.  No, they are not paying me to say this, but I cannot overemphasize how awesome it is to find a place where there is non-mainstream music that can be tried out without stealing it.

I am sure that someone is releasing something somewhere that is worth mentioning.  Isn’t Lady Gaga releasing another single/video that is going to get someone totally bent?

Hope a trip to Noisetrade is as beneficial for you as it is for me?

What do you think?  Let me know, and where do you find new music, I would love to know.


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