New Tune Tuesday :: June 7th, 2011

07 Jun

One Band, One word.


They have been a favorite of my wife and I for about 8 years now.  We saw them live in concert back in 2004.  We returned in 2009  They have consistently brought joy to our lives on a steady basis.  Their music holds passion.  It has meaning.  They stand for something as a band.

They have a new single out.  New single means new album.  New album means tour to support said album.  If you have never given your 40-60 dollars on a Coldplay concert I would suggest you go just for the experience.  It was where I fell in deep love.  They shrink an arena down to the size of a local club.

Said enough?  Probably not, but they are not paying me so I will move on.  They have a new single out that brings back essence of their last album and a specific song entitled “Strawberry Swing”.  Their new single, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”.  Same carefree bounce and a great song for the summer.

Do check it out.

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