(Guest Post) Oh, Mexico

08 Jun
My wife did such a fantastic job capturing our vacation I thought I would totally steal her post and use it.  And since I too was on the vacation I thought why not?  Enjoy!
by Shara Bachman-
on april 7th, jeff and i celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.
pretty exciting.
for several years, we’ve been planning/dreaming/saving for an anniversary trip.
on may 16th, it finally happened!
we traveled to the riviera maya in mexico, just south of cancun.
it was
we stayed at the secrets maroma beach, an adults-only, all-inclusive resort.
(cause let’s be honest… if i’m leaving my kids at home, i don’t really want to have anyone else’s at the pool, right? and…. i’m pretty thrifty. so all-inclusive means i can eat whatever i want and not feel guilty!)
i have never been on a real vacation before.  growing up, i went camping or to disneyland (which i am not knocking.  i heart disneyland intensely).
and as an adult, most of my vacations either consist of staying on a friend’s floor, or waking up at 6am with my children somewhere.  both great, but not a REAL vacation.
never to some exotic destination.  needless to say.. i was beyond excited.
we flew into cancun to see water that is actually the color i use to draw water when i use crayons with bella.  just gorgeous blueness.
our resort was like something you see celebrities staying at.
the door to our room had a ‘happy anniversary’ sign across it.
at night they ‘turned down’ your room by closing the curtains & putting music on. the first night they turned our towels into swans and sprinkled rose petals on the bed.  so cute.
we spent our days at the pool or the beach.  and really… it looked just like this (with more chaises).
we enjoyed ourselves some pool volleyball and water aerobics 🙂
they had all kinds of fun activities going on during the day… it was like the most amazing summer camp ever.
this guy hung out next to the pool everyday along with some smaller lizards.  we saw some cool wildlife.
after a ‘hard’ day of hanging out, i ordered these nachos from room service every day.  you could get room service whenever you wanted, 24 hours a day.  oh, you bet your bottom dollar i did.
and…. they put it in a ‘secret box’ attached to your room, so you didn’t even have to open the door!
the dinners were amazing.  like Top Chef good.  7 restaurants to choose from.  and all of them beautiful.
even teppanyaki.
at night, there were shows put on by the resort, movies, dancing…. lots of fun times 🙂
we took a trip into town one day…
where we bought churros and toys for the kiddos
we rode jet skis
and snorkeled (we even saw a sea turtle!)
basically…. the best week ever.
but even better than the pool, the food, and the sleeping in was my amazing company.
a week with my sweet husband was priceless beyond words.
in a season of life that often feels out of control with busyness,  7 days of quiet, good conversation, laughter, no email or distractions, and togetherness was the sweetest gift of all.
and the best part is… after 10 years, we still love spending time together and love each other more than ever.
love you, jeffrey owen.
can we go back soon?  😉
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