Haaaaaaave you met Shara?

16 Jun

That’s my wife.  Not only is she pretty amazing but smokin’ hot as well!  As I am getting ready to leave the country for a while I would say kind things about my wife as one of the people who made it happen.

I have known her for almost 1/2 my life.  In that time I have learned a few things about her and about myself as well.

She pushes me to be the best version of myself possible.  She knows me and knows when I am giving her a line.  She doesn’t put up with my sighs and passive agressive crap and calls me out on it.  She is a straight shooter which often gets her in trouble, but for the most part I love honesty.  She gives it to me.

She is an amazing mother.  Our kids love her and she takes every opportunity to use the time given to love, teach, and enrich our children.  They are better kids because of her.

She is organized.  She is the kind of person who loves lists and order and form.  She receives a euphoric feeling by finishing a to do list.  She is also the type of person who will not only put things on the list she has already done so she can cross them off, but she will put things on the list that don’t need listed (i.e. eat, breath, blink) all for the sake of a few more check boxes.

She is creative.  Her blog is amazing from the ideas she has and the photos she takes, but it is also the best edited blog.  She can kill a typo at 30 paces.

This could be the longest blog I have ever posted but I can already feel her blushing.  So I will end with a story that shows her amazingishness…

About a month and a half ago I got a phone call from our Directional Leader, Brad Bell.  He let me know that there was one spot on our Israel trip and it was being offered to me.  It was not only an opportunity to go and learn, but I would be given a few chances to teach as well.  He told me the dates, I thanked him about 17 times and hung up the phone.  As I thought about it, I made the decision that it was too much for this year.  It was an amazing opportunity but as Brad had said it would come about again.  I went into the house and told my wife what had happened.  She didn’t miss a beat and stated, “you have to go.  This is a once and a lifetime opportunity and though you might be offered it again next year why would you want to pass up the chance to learn now.  You have finished seminary.  It is the best way to put a bow on your degree.  Go.  We will be fine.”  After I picked myself up off the floor I spent the next day or two praying about it and asking advice, but in my heart I knew that unless some doors were shut I was going.  I had been given the green light by my wife.  And though we don’t need “permission” from each other to do things, it is best to have both spouses on board when you are going to leave the country for 12 days.  And so today I leave for Israel because of my wife.  I go as a representative for my family.  To enrich myself.  Knowing that I am doing something that my wife would want to do just as badly and yet she cheers me on.  I hope and pray I have the opportunity to do the same for her some day, and quickly.  I can’t wait to be her champion like she has been for me.  This is posting as I board the plane from LAX to somewhere in Philly, and then to Jerusalem.  It was the best way for me to honor one of the people that allowed me to be where I am today.  With that, I probably won’t post for a while.  The break will be nice.  I can’t wait to share what God teaches me in my time away.

If you think of Shara while I am gone, pray for her.  She will need it.  We have three kids that move pretty quick.  If you so desire, go and hang out.  She loves the company.  Take the kids for a bit.  She may need to breather.  But know that when you spend time with her, you are engaging with a woman submitted to God and committed to her family.

She is quite a wife, mother, and friend.


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4 responses to “Haaaaaaave you met Shara?

  1. Jacob Frazier

    June 16, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Very nice brother! She is pretty awesome ;^D

    • The Until Matters

      June 16, 2011 at 4:27 pm

      Seen it. It totally applies. But I mean…come on…she is. Sooooo


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