New Tune Tuesday June 28th, 2011 (Guest Post)

28 Jun

one of my biggest passions in life is music. playing it, writing it, listening to it, talking about it and going to see bands play it live. i’ve been to concerts of all sizes. from seeing coldplay on the main stage at the coachella with 20,000 people to a local bands play a coffee shop containing 7 people. there’s something about live music. the volume, the energy, the mistakes, different melody lines here and there, wondering what song will be next, and singing at the top of my lungs with my favorite songs all make concerts awesome.

this past week i went to a concert in san francisco. the band i went to see was taking back sunday. easily one of my top ten favorite bands. it had been a couple of years since i’d seen them live and it had been a good six months since the last bigger concert i’d been to. i was excited to say the least. to make things even better the venue is one of the better places to see concerts in california. it’s called the fillmore and everyone has played there. from janice joplin to johnny cash to jimmy eat world (who put on one of the best shows i’ve ever been too when they played here a couple of years ago). the bands that played before taking back sunday sounded good and loud. after a brief break to set the stage the lights went down,the crowd surged forward and the band launched into their rockin’ new single, el paso. from the first note of el paso to the last note of the closing song, cut from the team (cute without the e), six hundred of us danced and sang our hearts out. we jumped around, put our rock fists in the air, and even played a little air guitar on the massive chorus to everything must go. by the end of the night i tired and my voice was shot. exiting the building glances we exchanged between those who knew that the show had been great. we had all been there and shared in the experience.

driving home i thought about the show. the excitement, the conviction with which the crowd sang every word, and the energy we spent focused on this band. after a minute i turned to my friend sitting in the passenger seat and said “that is what heaven will be like.” she asked what i meant and i explained all the things i’ve mentioned already but then compared it to the church as a whole. we, as christians, serve the maker of the universe. HE is the one who gave us music and the capacity to enjoy it. how much more awesome is HE than taking back sunday or radiohead? the answer is infinitely. the is no comparing Jesus, the creator of everything, and some band who’s pumped out a couple of songs that we connect with. yet! we go crazy when u2 starts singing where the streets have no name or still haven’t found what i’m looking for. where is that frenzy, energy, and devotion for our savior? we’re content to sit in our seats barely blinking as we sing songs that proclaim of God’s love, mercy, and grace towards us. we call that worship. i know my heart was convicted as my friend and i talked about this while crossing the bay bridge. Jesus rescued me (and you) from eternal death. there is nothing that anyone from taking back sunday could do for me that would even compare to the price Christ paid for me on the cross. anyone could have seen me at that concert and known i was a taking back sunday fan. could anyone look at my life and know that i was a Jesus fan (christian)?

i’m already looking forward to my next concert. i’m also looking forward to becoming a bigger fan of Jesus. i want people to know i’m a fan of the God of everything. who would people say you’re a fan of if they watched your life?

Posted by Adam DePartee.  Adam is a dear friend, musician, writer, and minster to high school students.  Check out his own blog here!

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