New Tune Tuesday, July 5th 2011

05 Jul

Two and a half years ago I borrowed a truck from a friend to make a trip to the dump.  As myself and three other people hopped in that truck, we played the music that was on their CD player without changing it.  The music that came over the speakers was some of the most ear friendly, catching music I had ever heard.  Typically, a CD takes a few spins before I will develop a liking to it.  That was not the case with We The Kings self titled album.  It was fun to listen to, catchy, and brought about feelings of summer, friends, and a trip to the dump…apparently.  Ever since then, I have been waiting for many others to figure out their amazingness.  They have reached a level of Hot Topic popularity.  (You can find their shirts and music, and they are also on tours like Van’s Warped Tour)  However, they are not a name that others know.

With that being said, there newest CD came out today and I would encourage it.  I will still classify it in the power pop/pop-punk/teen-rock category.  You may see that as a negative, but I would argue.  Everyone dismisses these kind of bands.  I would say it is vitally necessary in life, in motivation, and even summer teen flicks.

So…download or purchase the physical CD.  Borrow a friends convertible.  Play this as you dream of road trips and days that are not 105 degrees in the Central Valley.


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