New Tune Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

12 Jul

Typically, as a music lover, most also enjoy the live experience.  There is a connection that comes from seeing a band perform what they created in a studio.  There is a intimacy in experiencing someone put their art out for the world to see.  On some level is would be the difference between seeing someone write a blog and then have them speak, act, or do spoken word live.  Live, you get one shot and everyone in the crowd knows that.  It is never exactly the same and there is always the chance you will either catch a horrible trainwreck or lightening in a bottle.  Both are magical to watch.

On July 1st, i-Tunes started streaming a festival that is taking place in London for the entire month.  Every day there are new artists that you can watch their entire show.  Paul Simon, Adele, Neon Trees, Artic Monkies, Linkin Park and the list goes on.

My biggest complaint about watching live shows, not live, is the quality.  It either sounds like someone is standing in front of a speaker with their own personal recorder or it looks like you used your i-Phone video to capture it.  That isn’t the case with the i-Tunes Festival.  High Quality sound and video, multipal camera shots, and a full show of the artist.

Sadly, sometimes when you watch the show, it reveals that the band should have stuck to the studio (My Chemical Romance), but that is not always the case.

I don’t know how long it is going to be available for streaming, but I do know that it has become my music of choice while working or needing something to listen to as long as I have a broadband connection.

Live music is a rare, raw, and honest art form that not everyone can do.  It is a treasure when you see those who have not only mastered the musical side of it, but the people side as well.  Thanks i-Tunes!

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