Summer Break

19 Jul

The summer has proven to be much more full than I expected.  It has entailed traveling to other cities, parts of our fair state, and even countries.  I have had the honor of developing many new sermons for camps, main service, and our own student ministry.

I love blogging and fleshing out thoughts in this manner of writing.

The blog needs to be refocused and regrouped.  By doing both of those things I will be able to maintain a more consistent writing regimen.  I am also gearing up for summer camp and will be gone during the next few weeks.

Expect to see things around the 15th of Aug.  I set dates and goals as a motivator for myself more than for anyone else caring and marking the date on your calendar.

It really is also an effort to figure out how to combine faith, family, music, youth ministry, equipping, theology and pop culture.  There are already plans in the work, but I want it fully fleshed out before committing to anything.

So…we are not broken up, but on a break.  Until the middle of August I say, “see you soon”.

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Posted by on July 19, 2011 in Summer Break


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