What I Learned from Moving my Life

22 Sep

On Aug 25th my family and I packed up a 26 ft. truck that was strategically packed by Jerrod Rumly and a team of hard workers.  We had spent the two weeks before sorting, sifting, donating, and selling.  When you are packing there is plenty of time to think about your life.  Here is what I came up with…

I own a lot/too much of stuff :: We had the mother of all garage sales.  And it is a good thing.  It was the selling of our stuff that allowed us to afford moving, buying smaller furniture to fit in our home, and put the deposit down for renting the new place we live.  I was shocked to see how much we had accumulated.  We had just moved into that home two years earlier, and yet we were holding on to too much stuff.  It is a tough season with kids.  We never know if we will need something, and so the default was to save it.  I am glad we have less space.  It forces us to live leanly and think about how much we need something.

We moved away from a great community, church, and even city ::  Sadly, it takes the changing of these sort of relationships to show you the power and depth of it.  Even in a few weeks, the space and clarity shows me that we worked at a fantastic church.  The people that were in our life on a daily basis were great people who loved and support us.  And though I don’t miss Fresno as a city yet (they are still in the 90’s) I know I will.  It was a great place to live and had much to offer us as a family.

We have moved to a fantastic new community, church, and county :: The comfort in leaving something so good is that we have moved to a place that is proving to be a place where we will soon acclimate and already love.  We were shown very quickly that the church we now attend and work at is amazing.  They launched Sept. with “Seek Week”.  My wife did a great job of describing it, but in a sentence they move forward with confidence and strong leadership while still seeking God’s wisdom and direction for the coming year.  Great way to be exposed to your new church.  Love the weather.  Love the things to do here.  Love the coffee shops.  Love the people.  I love the OC.

It is not fun being the new kid on the block ::  You don’t realize how much you know until you have to learn it again.  I have put my iPhone, map app, and Around Me to WORK.  It sucks that I can’t find Albertson’s.  I had to use a map the first day I went to work.  I have to ask where paper, staples, paperclips, and yard sticks are.  People here are doing everything they can to fast track us with relationships and information, but there is a natural integration that will only happen over time.  For now, we long for the depth in relationship that we had in Fresno.  We know it will come…just not today.

Don’t think there will be enough time ::  There were people that we always meant to get time with.  We didn’t.  There were the places we thought we would visit, eat, and hang out.  We didn’t.  There were projects at the home that we always wanted to get around to.  We didn’t do it.  Sadly, tomorrow always seems like the best time to start all those things.  Tomorrow was just as full as today was.  So we left with regret of what we wish we would have done, but grateful for all we had.

Our lives had gotten too full ::  We had said yes to too many things.  We had allowed the tyranny of the urgent to dictate our lives.  The biggest fires got the most of our attention.  And just because it was the biggest fire, didn’t necessarily mean it was the most important thing to do.  We are hoping to reevaluate our lives, our projects, our relationships, and our jobs and limit what seeps in.  It will be a battle, but we hope to say yes to what brings value and worth to our family.

Just because it is right doesn’t mean it is easy ::  We continue to be confident that we are in the right place in our lives.  God brought us here less for what we can do and more for what it is doing to us (future post).  With that in mind, we approached this transition thinking that because we are supposed to be here that the troubles would be little.  Packing and moving was hard.  Transitioning into a new job is hard.  Meeting new people is sometimes awkward and I didn’t realize how much I liked being comfortable with people I knew and knew me.  Our shock came when we were reminded that right doesn’t not always equal easy.  Good reminder as we boldly step into where God has led us.  It makes me depend on the One who sent me here and not on my charm, whit, and ability.


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2 responses to “What I Learned from Moving my Life

  1. Darlene

    September 22, 2011 at 8:29 am

    Thanks Jeff. I’m getting inspired to “clean” house.
    Miss you guys so much. Miss you around the office.

  2. Jeffrey James

    September 27, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    Thanks for the update Jeff. I wish you and your family all the best in your new role.


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