New Tune Tuesday, Sept. 28th & Oct. 4th, 2011

04 Oct

In this crazy season of life and change, I continue to be optimistic that it will slow down.  There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel and bit by bit and day by day pieces fall into place.  One thing that hasn’t totally come back is the free time to write.  So it is spotty, but when time permits I post what I can and I know it will increase.  For now, I put two weeks of music together.

Switchfoot ::Vice Verses

This album is said to be the commentary of the inner soul and the battle that goes on.  It makes sense in the lyrics and feel of the album.  It is hard to outdo yourself with their last album of “Hello Hurricane”, and I am having a tough time getting into this one.  That being said they always generate solid music and thoughtful discussion.

Wilco ::  The Whole Love

Wilco has run the spectrum of rock sounds.  Jeff Tweedy, as the singer/songwriter is the constant in the evolving sounds of the band.  This studio album proves to be more solid than the past efforts.  Very enjoyable.

Mutemath :: Odd Soul

With lyrics that still explore the spiritual nature of life, Mutemath displays their New Orleans roots while bringing in layers of sounds.  Love their sound and the brave music.  Their videos continue to add yet another element to their already evolving music.  Do yourself the favor of watching while you listen.

Happy listening!  See you soon in other types of posts.


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