The Soundtrack of Life

06 Apr

Have you ever noticed that the music you are listening to becomes a soundtrack of your life? As you listen, the world is colored. You view everything differently. Based on interactions the music comes to life in a way it wouldn’t have. It all wraps into one experience and it becomes tough to separate which came first. For me, music is in all I do and can usually give the perfect punch to a moment. As I was looking at what I was listening to, I realized that for the first time in a while, I had three soundtracks I have been playing a lot. Each of them tell as story that fits with their own narrative and brings a different level of emotions or even a complete thought to mine. I wish I knew how they shaped me completely, but for now it is more the influence rather than the final thought.

We Bought a Zoo Soundtrack

As usual, my friend Adam DePartee told me about this before most. It is amazing and I haven’t even seen the movie. It’s motivating, inspiring, and brings about a ton of emotions. It allows me as the listener to also mentally go to places of thought and feeling without forcing it. Jonsi of Sigur Ros did the soundtrack and I feel this is a better offering than his solo album from last year. Maybe it is the complete story and though behind the movie.





Muppets Soundtrack

I must confess I cried twice during the Muppets movie. Once when they were doing the opening theme song to start the Muppets Show as they were trying to raise money. The second was when “The Rainbow Connection” was being sang. There was just something about me sitting and watching a movie that was such a part of my childhood with my own children and seeing them also love it. I am such a sissy and music always does that to me. There was a fantastic musical number at the start of the movie with Jason Segel, jWalter the Muppet, and Amy Adams. “I’ve Got Everything that i Need”.






Hunger Games Soundtrack ::

As a fan of the books and the movie I was interested to see how they could capture the feel of the future but still make it a relevant soundtrack. That was just what they did. Many artists that are currently enjoyed by many, but staying true to a District 12 sort of feel (hard to explain). This one feels more like turning on the radio than being taken somewhere with the completeness of a soundtrack and I am totally ok with that. And as I have said before, I would be just fine if The Civil Wars sang the phonebook, so two songs from them is a good start.

I decided to save the actual new music I have been listening to for another post, but for now this is what is shaping my view. In the car, during my study time, and the songs that are running in my head even when the music has stopped. What is yours? I am sure it is different however it has the same effect. Please share.


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