Time for Some Spring Cleaning

18 Apr

Most parts of my life need constant maintenance.  If left alone, my garage adds boxes and garbage.  If I don’t keep an eye on it, my diet adds too much sugar and fast food.  Overall, life gets cluttered and we add things that we never meant to…but there they are.  The same is true of our spiritual life.  If we are not careful there are things that will grab our heart.  Our affections will be drawn away from the God who pursues us.  Our mind gets cloudy and our hearts get hard.  There is a spring cleaning that needs to take place within us as well.

A few years ago I was introduced to Ross King and his music by my friends and fellow co-workers at The Well Community Church.  We used a song called “Clear the Stage” for a worship response time and it crushed me.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  One of my favorite artists, Jimmy Needham, remade this song and it continues to do a work in me.

“Anything I can’t stop thinking about it an idol.”  Well that describes just about most things in my life.  My family, my ministry, my career, my physical shape, TV shows, keep em coming…right?

What have I allowed to slowly creep into my life that has wooed my affections from my precious relationship with Jesus?  What has taken center stage in my heart and mind?  There is a reoccuring theme, but the faces of my idols often change. It is good to be reminded that I must clear those things and allow the Creator of the Universe to take His rightful place.

What better model can we show to our spouses, families, children, roomates, friends, students, and others when we clear the stage of our hearts?  If we expect others that we minister to, to begin the process, it must first begin with our own lives.

How do you do it?  It is probably different for each person but there are similarities in all of them:

  • Prayer-Ultimately this is about what has overshadowed God.  As followers of Christ, we are dwelt with the Holy Spirit which will guide and lead us to seeing what those idols have become.
  • Sacrifice-Whenever anything takes our affections over God, there needs to be change.  If it were easy it would have already been done.  Something will have to decrease so God can increase again.
  • Allow others to speak into your life-Wise counsel will often shine a light in areas that we ourselves can’t see.  Make sure they are trusted, respected by you, and can speak with authority.

There are more steps you could add.  It is not a simple three step process, but this is a good place to start.  What needs to be removed from your life?  How are you going to begin the cleaning and clearing process?


Posted by on April 18, 2012 in idols, Worship


2 responses to “Time for Some Spring Cleaning

  1. Benjer McVeigh

    April 24, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    Awesome, awesome song. Thanks for introducing it to me!


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