Who’s in Your Corner?

04 May

There is something totally entrancing about boxers and MMA fighters.  I watch them do something that I don’t think that I am equipped to do…physically or mentally.  Even more amazing than watching the actual fight is talking to them afterward.  I have had the privilege of serving with a leader who is getting his MMA carrer back on track after a surgery.  To hear him talk about fighting, you would be astonished.  It isn’t a street fight for him.  It is a chess match.  “If the other guy does this, I will do this, but if he turns and uses his left hand then I am going to change and do this with my upper body to block his attack.”  I could sit and listen to him talk about it all day long.

Another thing that makes him successful is the team that he surrounds himself with.  In the sport of fighting, there are timed rounds and a short break in between.  During that time the fighter sits in his corner with his team who has a totally different view of what is going on.  They bring another perspective.  Bandage him up.  Tell him to start doing things and stop doing other things.  They boost his confidence and tell him where he is performing well or poorly.  In this guys last fight, he was gracious in attributing his quick win to the collaborative effort of all those who invested in him.  It wasn’t just about his own amazing ability and fighting skill, he recognized that without those around him it would not have been a successful or victorious fight.

It is highly likely that I will never step into a ring to fight.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t have a battle of our own in the world of ministry.  What I know to be true is that in our success and failure, in our effort and our gifting we still have our own battle.  Part of it is physical in nature.  Some of it is spiritual.  All of it is about God.  In that, there will be times that we feel excited about our calling and ready to head out in the fight.  Even when we are “winning” we will take on some amount of “battle damage”.  Even the best fighters have a black eye or cauliflower ear from time to time.

Recently I had one of those days.  I was taking hits and they were beginning to have their effect on me.  I will neither confirm or deny that I may or may not have thrown a chair(s) in frustration.  My prayer time after this was less holy and controlled and more screams and accusations.  God and I worked through that, and I left that time confessing that I felt alone.  I told Him I wasn’t sure how long I could hold on if I was doing this thing by myself.  In the span of 24 hours God placed (or reminded me of) four different people in my life to sit and listen, encourage, and help me get perspective and get back out there…which was so necessary.

Being in a new city doing ministry I am still in the process of finding those people who are “in my corner”.  Not everyone is going to be your best friend or know all about you.  But what I found from all of my conversations is that these were people who had different roles in my life and different skill sets.  They are able to speak into different parts of my life.  The structure, the spirituality, the craft, and even to the nature of my own heart.  What they had in common was some level of care and affection for me.  They want me to “win,” if you will.

I would suspect these people don’t even fully know that they did what they did.  They were just being themselves and being generous with who God made them to be.

People in your corner come in different forms.  I have those I seek out and ask to join in my fight.  I have those who are in my life, regardless of what I am doing.  I have those who are fighting their own fight, but I can learn by watching them.  And then those people that God has brought into my life, and I have no good reason as to why I deserve them.

The great thing is, those people can change roles, evolve, and deepen in relationship over time.  So I try to not write anyone off.  I have also found that as I begin to establish who support me, I have become better at being in other people’s corner as well.  I wipe their sweat.  I bandage them up.  And then send them out into their own fight.  It’s not always just about my fight, but helping others in their own battles.


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2 responses to “Who’s in Your Corner?

  1. Darin McWatters (@darinmcwatters)

    May 4, 2012 at 10:04 am

    You could have at least mentioned my name.

  2. J.W. Richmond

    May 4, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    Great perspective. I really appreciate this.


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