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What is Old Must Become New Again

I, like most everyone else by now have heard the song “Call Me Maybe”.  It has droned into my skull and the bubble gum-poppiness of it has already given me a cavity.  I, like most other people, were introduced to the song by watching the Youtube viral sensation “Harvard Baseball Team” doing their lip sync of the song.  From there my son got a hold of the song and is desperately in love with it (Thanks Erin Arnold).  He has the ability to overplay the best of songs, and this one doesn’t have a ton of depth so it gets old fast.  In showing my son a live performance of the song, I came upon Ben Howard doing his cover of “Call Me Maybe”.  At this point I am barely tolerating the song, however I love Ben Howard and all he does.  I have said I could listen to him sing the phone book and I would be ok with it.  What if he sings a teen pop song?  Check it out…

It got me thinking about life and the fact that much of what we do becomes so mundane.  If done over and over again it will get boring and stale.  However, regardless of how efficient I get, how much I delegate, or even how many staff I have (no paid ones right now by the way, so I am not bragging) there are still every day tasks I must do and things are that both repetitive AND good for me.  It is my job to put a new spin on them and make them new again.

I don’t do the same stuff with my kids every day.  They would revolt, tie me up, and overtake our family.

I change my ministry calendar often.  I have had the good fortune of not having many “Golden Cows” I needed to kill in my life.  Most of my youth ministries have been blazing new trails and I keep it that way.

Not that dating my wife is mundane, but what would happen if I took her on the same date every time?  Things would get stale.  So we change it up.  It is still a date, but what we do is different.

My devotional time with God is probably the biggest area I need to work on.  If I wake up every day and sit in the same place, using the same journal, doing the same thing, my relationship with God will quickly become stale.  It’s gotta stay fresh.  Walk, run, stroll and pray.  Read, have someone read to me, audio books.  Journal by writing, typing (Doogie Howser Style ya’ll), or even audio dictate (Siri will be able to do that soon!  For now there is Dragon Dictation).  Adding a little variety with a change in location will do wonders.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  That’s insane!  If we hope to grow, change, and evolve then we must keep our lives just as new and fresh.  Even with those things that seem old, there is hope that it can become new again.

What is it that has become overplayed in your life?  How can you inject new life into that which is old?  What sort of a change or twist can you make on the old, to where it becomes something you have never done.

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