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  • Doug Fields :: I mean, it is Doug Fields.  A youth pastor at two churches for over 10 years each?  This guys knows his stuff.  He is now resourcing and equipping youth pastors through conferences, trainings, and tons of free stuff.
  • Josh Griffin is the High School Pastor at Saddleback Church and is a part of the Simply Youth Ministry Team.  Equipping both students and leaders.
  • Mark Oestreicher is a self-proclaimed “at-large” youth worker and is one of the leading thinkers in the area of Middle School ministry and what God is doing in this next generation as a whole.
  • Terrace Crawford :: nationally recognized youth SPEAKER; a MENTOR to youth & youth workers; social media CONSULTANT; writer & EDITOR @; chicken wing CONNOISSEUR.  I mean, I want to hang out with this guy!
  • Terry Linhart ::  Husband & father, educator (Bethel College – Indiana), YSASN coordinator for Youth Specialties, and landscaper.  This guy has been so fast and kind to respond to all my inquiries.
  • Brian Berry is the Generations Pastor at Journey Community Church in the San Diego Area.  I have a ton of respect for this guy as a “boots on the ground” pastor as well a thinker and equipper of youth pastors today.
  • Kurt Johnson is a vetren Middle School Pastor and overseeing all of the student ministries at Saddleback.  Tons of experience and wisdom.  He is great, and as his name says, simple.
  • Youth Specialties has always been the one source for your youth ministry needs.  They continue to be.
  • Johnathan McKee ::  Jonathan was one of the first guys I can remember giving all of his resources away for FREE!  Still does.  In addition great speaker & author.
  • Walt Mueller ::  He is my culture guru.  Has a great pulse on student ministry pop culture and where things are shifting.
  • Chap Clark and the Fuller Youth Institute are shaping youth pastors all over the nation theologically.

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