Change of Summer Pace

Every summer at my old church there was a change of pace of our student ministry.  We want to mix things up.  Give leaders a break.  Rest a bit ourselves.  In that, we are on two week long mission trips, summer camp, trips our of country, fireworks booths, and MAYBE a vacation with our family.  Past summers have consisted of meeting at the church and going swimming or a baseball game.  Good, but never great.

This last year I decided (and actually implemented) recording the lessons early and putting our talent to work.  We recorded 4-7 min videos that then are edited for content and appearance.  The rough video is then given to an amazing video guy who adds pop, sizzle, and some eye candy to drive home the point.  Take a look each week as they come.  They are free for you to use if you like them or just enjoy them as we have.

The format is similar every week and works out to be about an hour.

Open doors-7:00


Break up into small discussion groups (very little limitations in these groups.  Mixed grade, mixed gender)

Then in the lesson there is an icebreaker that relates to the talk and gives all then instructions.  We play the video, give the students area to talk.

8:05-Finally end with connecting points for the week and summer.

8:15-We usually have a place where people go to hang out.  Last two weeks it was Yogurt Land.  Before that it was the $3 theater and Starbucks.

In all, we have seen more students come, bring friends, and come back than ever with a swim party and BBQ.  Below are the videos you can download and then the curriculum and flow of the meeting.

Week 1 ::  TRUST

WSM Summer Series Prov 3 5-6

Week 2 ::  WISDOM

Prov 17-27-28a


WSM Summer Series Prov 31


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